StarBurst Vase Diffuser

StarBurst Vase Diffuser

  • The StarBurst Vase™ is part of the latest line of Oil & Wind's new essential oil diffuser products. This gorgeous, glass diffuser outputs a steady aroma stream while entertaining anyone watching.

    Whether you're buying one for yourself, your home, your child, or just as a gift it will be a perfect centerpiece with its unique cosmos design.

    The StarBurst Vase Diffuser can rotate between each of the 7 colors shown in our video, truly showing off the high-quality design with its unique auto-shut down safety features. On top of that, if one color is too bright for you, just click the button again and turn on the built in auto-dimming. Between the 7 auto-rotating colors, single-focus color options, and the bright & dim light settings...

    You'll be never be disappointed with your new StarBurst Vase Diffuser.

  • Diffusing Method:
    • Cool Breeze Quiet Humidification (Ultrasonic)
    • New
    Color Rotation:
    • Cosmos, Blue, Violet, Yellow, Green, Aqua
      The StarBurst Vase Diffuser can pause on any of the above colors, or randomly rotate between them automatically.
    Run Time(s):
    • 4 Hour Max Runtime / 1 Hour Timer Option / 2 Hour Timer Option
    • 100ml Tank
    Sqft Fill Area:
    • Approximately 150-300 sqft of space comfortably.
      This is the amount of floor area the diffuser will be able to cover
    Powered By:
    • Wall Plug
    Noise db Level:
    • Less than 30db
    • 9.5" Height x 5.5" Width
    * Free Bottle of Oil:
    • Every StarBurst Diffuser comes with a 3ml sample bottle of oil (while supplies last). The aroma provided is random but is usually selected from Lavender, Peppermint, or Eucalyptus.
      The oil bottle shown is not the sample bottle that is provided with each order.

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